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Comes with a switch for changing Negative ion water purifier Uses natural tourmaline stones! Try this ultra-high concentration negative ion water!

■The idea behind the negative ion water purifier (with switch)
When a water molecule collides with a piezoelectric tourmaline stone, it receives one electron and becomes negative ion water.
This product was made based on the theory that negative ion water dissolves oil because it has few water clusters.
■Tourmaline stone
The Curie brothers, who won the Nobel Prize in 1880, discovered that applying pressure or heat to a tourmaline stone generates an electric charge.
Only when tap water comes in direct contact with a tourmaline stone is a weak electric charge generated (0.06 mA), changing the tap water into negative ion water. (Check p. 42 / 91 of the blog for more information.)
In order to increase the opportunities for tap water to come in direct contact with tourmaline stones, we have crushed the stones into small fragments to increase surface area (2-3 mm per fragment). These fragments are packed in without leaving any gaps, and the section of stone filling is elongated (to a total of 15 cm). In this way, it is ensured that all of the tap water will come into contact with the stones at least once, and that all of the tap water will be converted into negative ion water. In this way, we create ultra-high concentration negative ion water. The electricity generated by the tourmaline stones reacted with the chlorine to eliminate the chlorine smell and product delicious water.
■Reliability of the negative ion water purifier (with switch)
Quality of the negative ion water (Tested by: Japan Food Research Laboratories)
Ministerial ordinance on the quality of water passing through
The 9 items listed in (2003, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No. 101): Compliant
・Utensil, container, and wrapping specification testing (plastics): Compliant
・ Life test on quality of water passing through: Compliant (testing confirmed)
■Function of the negative ion water purifier (with switch)
 ・Life further extended by the ability to switch between tap water, negative ion water, and shower water.
■Negative ion water purifier (with switch) produces weakly alkaline water
Japan Food Research Laboratories test results: pH 7.7 to 7.9
(Check p. 13 of the blog for more information.)

Negative ions and negative ion water are discussed on the blog
”goodsun36” 】 .
We quote the important passages of published books on the blog to educate and inform about negative ions and ★negative ion water, both of which are typically completely unknown. (Everything about negative ion water is quotes and introduced, from 37 books.)

  • ① One extremely interesting book states on p. 443 that 【"negative ions will not cause illness if introduced into the body."】
  • ② Another book is quoted on p. 4 regarding the theory that 【"negative ion water dissolves oil at room temperature because it has few clusters."】
  • ③A person will not benefit from negative ions (air ions) unless they are surrounded by them for 30 minutes per day. However, with this product, one drink can be expected to introduce as much or more negative ions (electrons) into the body. (For more information, check p. 454 of the blog.)

Negative ion water purifier (with switch) Parts used All parts made in Japan Assembly All processes conducted in Japan only.
The simple yet reliable mechanism by which all tap water is changed into negative ion water!

Only water molecules in the tap water that come in direct contract with a tourmaline stone will receive an electron and become negative ion water.
This cartridge is built such that all water molecules that pass through will come in direct contact with tourmaline stones, creating an output of nearly 100% negative ion water.

Cartridge life

*In Europe and other countries with high lime content in tap water, the product life may be shorter.

Customer opinions

This feedback reflects benefits only possible if you drink the wondrous negative ion water at ultra-high concentrations.<br /> These are opinions from real drinkers of negative ion water.
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